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The stand-up that can only be described as outstanding.

With the ultimate combination of balance, control and freedom, the SuperJet is a legendary riding experience like nothing else on the water. The best-selling stand-up watercraft of all time continues its reign as the undisputed champion of closed-course racing.

The Super Jet, dressed all in black, is accentuated with its orange stripes which give an impression of a sharp riding style.
SuperJet's industry-leading lightness and compactness provide a variety of advantages: outstanding agility, improved acceleration performance, and a feeling of unity which makes the machine an extended part of your body.
This is the world of pure sport, based on one-to-one communication between rider and machine.
The unique shape of the hull sides, the flared front and narrow rear work together to create stability and a feeling of neutral banking during turns.
The task was to make a machine that can cut deeply into its rival's inside, make a turn as sharp as a blade, and race on to the next turn. You will recognize the difference and the quality.


The Engine, Pump and Body

  • Excellent Hull Performance: The defining feature of the high-performance hull is the large bulging of the sides in the fore part of the hull and the way the it slims towards the rear end. This unique design increases steering stability and produces a very neutral handling character during banking. What's more, the ribs on the bottom of the hull are given extra protrusion height for a stronger grip on the water that dramatically improves turning performance. The bottom lines of the hull have also been redesigned to significantly increase the length of the waterline to improve dynamic stability especially on rough water.
  • 701cc 2-stroke / 2-cylinder Engine: The mature 701cc, 2-stroke, 2-cylinder engine with its sharp and direct throttle response is what gives the rider the feeling of being in full control of a light, compact machine. Its proven durability that doesn't raise its voice even in the toughest use and the reasonable cost of maintenance and expendable part replacement makes this an engine that entry level users and veterans alike will be glad to depend on.
  • The SuperJet 144mm Hyper-Flow jet pump propulsion system is designed to maximize water flow for high performance. The SuperJet pump configuration provides excellent hook-up and smooth acceleration.
  • Stainless-steel impeller: is the product of racing know-how feedback. This super-efficient, high-performance impeller design based on fluid analysis technology is superior to the existing model in both acceleration performance and its maximum speed. The boss diameter was also upsized to increase speed with higher fluid velocity inside the pump.
  • Pump position farther aft: The position of the pump itself has been moved farther aft and its intake efficiency improved to ensure stable pump performance even in rough waters.
  • Stainless Steel Impeller Housing Liner: For high durability, the liner maintains ccurate clearance tolerances between the impeller and the housing.
  • High Flow Intake Duct and Grate: The dynamic shape of these items directs water flow into the pump for better thrust,performance and hook-up.
  • The SuperJet Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) deck and Sheet Molded Compound (SMC) hull is designed specifically for solo riding. The SuperJet hull is reinforced at critical load bearing areas for durability and strength.
  • Open Loop Cooling: All Yamaha WaveRunner utilize open loop cooling, which is used by nearly all marine manufactures. It's the most effective, reliable and maintenance-free way to cool your engine.


Additional Features

  • Spring Assisted Short Handle Pole: The flexing handlebar pole and handlebars have been redesigned with the aim of providing a riding position suitable for the New SuperJet, a machine built for winning. The result is a forward-leaning riding position that makes the rider feel that they are always in a competitive stance.
  • Thickly Padded Ride Tray: Padding is provided on the deck, gunwales and handle pole for a more comfortable ride.
  • Automatic Bilge System: Removes water from the engine compartment.
  • Yamaha's Trademarked Visibility Spout: A waterspout from the rear of the craft that improves the craft's conspicuity.
Bore/Stroke81 x 68mm
Carburetor/InjectorFloatless Carburator Mikuni BN38 x 2
Compression Ratio7.2:1
CoolingWater Cooled
Dry Weight139kg
Engine Type2-stroke; 2-cylinder
FuelRegular Unleaded
Fuel Capacity18 L
Mixing Ratio50:1
Pump144mm Axial Flow
Reserve Fuel Capacity5.5 L
Lubrication TypePre-Mixed Oil and Fuel
Vehicle Capacity1 person